Installation of SMTP Server in Dedicated VPS

Product Code: 53-4010

This service is for those who already have sending system. If you don't have sending system yet, we recommend this item:

Email Marketing System - Product Code: 53-4006

- Creating ONLINE VPS - We teach which VPS to use for email marketing and how to buy online

- SMTP Configuration - We configure SMTP Postfix for your domain so you can send through port 26 or any other port you want, which avoids blockages on port 25 from your internet provider (isp)

- SMTP Configuration - We configure port 587 and ssl encryption protocol that greatly increases the arrival to Inbox

- Creation of email accounts: we teach you how to create email accounts and how to send from the sending system you have with your hostname

- Server maintenance: we give all instructions for server maintenance, queue and other commands necessary for full control of your SMTP server in dedicated VPS for mass email marketing sending

This service does not include the cost of VPS, which currently the provider indicated in the tutorial charges USD 7.99 when hiring for 1 Month and with progressive discount on longer plans.


- Installation of remote access (Teamviewer), installation support and configuration of 1 VPS server.

- Tutorial in English. With the tutorial you can install on your own as many VPS as you want.

If you want to hire the configuration service, we offer it in two options:

- Configuration of 5 VPS servers - Product code 53-4011 - USD 50
- Configuration of 10 VPS servers - Product code 53-4012 - USD 80


- Windows any version, Linux Ubuntu or MAC
- E-mail sending system that allows external SMTP server

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USD 90 with Paypal

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