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Installation of Email Marketing System
with SMTP Server with SPF and DKIM

Product Code: 91-4006

- Send emails with a program (Mailer) installed on your computer, which allows you to manage campaigns without having to upload lists or templates, or anything on any server

- SMTP Server appropriate to the rules SPF and DKIM

- You can reach the Inbox of domains difficult as,, etc.

- Online statistics

- It works on Internet service providers with port 25 locked (use port 587 and 2525)

- It does not compromise the public IP of your internet connection as it uses the IP address of the SMTP server

- Support and training through Anydesk, whatsapp and Skype


1) Installation of software through Anydesk

2) Multilanguage Tutorials

3) Consulting by skype, e-mail and Whatsapp


Any version Windows or Linux Ubuntu or MAC


1) Mailer

Software for sending e-mails in Direct Mode and Indirect Mode (using external SMTP servers through the port 587 or other)

2) SMTP Server Online

Configuring the online SMTP server that can be used by port 587 or others, in the software for sending e-mails (Mailer)

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